The Town Council Allotments are between Gravits Lane and Sandringham Way, Bognor Regis. 

There are a total of 142 Allotments. 

If you are interested in renting an allotment and live in the Wards of Bognor Regis please fill in an application form. We currently have a high demand for allotments and there is a waiting list, which is operated on a first come, first served basis. We can put you on the waiting list and we will contact you as soon we have plots available. Due to the high demand, the list is only open to Bognor Regis Town residents. If you live outside the Parish boundary you may wish to contact your local Parish Council who may be able to help you to apply for an allotment in your area. You can see whether you live in the Wards of Bognor Regis on our maps here

This is the application form, please print it out, sign it, take a photo or scan and send it to 

     Allotment rental poster

 Each year awards are given for the Best Plot on each site, Best use of Plot, and Most Improved Plots on each site.  In 2019 we were grateful to Gardner & Scardifield for sponsoring the Plaques for the winners of the Most Improved Plots 


The terms for renting an Allotment Plot in Bognor Regis can be downloaded here  

The Allotment Information sheet can be downloaded here

Information and advice on taking on an Allotment by the Royal Horticultural Society can be found




How far away is the allotment?

How do I get there?

Do I have means of transportation for myself and tools/plants/seed/compost?

How is the plot situated? Sunlight, shade, wind, water close by?


How big is the plot?

Has it been worked on before?

Was the previous holder a digger?

Did the previous owner use chemical fertiliser or weed killer.

Is a shed on the plot? If not: can one be built? What are the costs and who would build it with what?

What is the quality of the ground?

Is there rubbish or weed that needs to be removed? Who can help?

Greenhouse, yes or no?

Does the plot have a fence? Do I need to put one up? (BRTC you cannot fence your plot)

Are kids allowed? (BRTC say yes but can only stay on your plot)

Can I bring my pet? (Dog) (BRTC say yes, on a lead and only on your plot)

Are chickens, bees or rabbits allowed? (not on BRTC allotments)

Speak to the neighbours or the previous owner about soil quality, previous use, drainage and water situation.

Is there a limit on how much water can be used in summer? Are there special days for pumps to be turned on? (BRTC water is turned on in Spring and off in winter)

Is there a compost heap? Are they allowed? Is there room for one on the plot? (BRTC says yes on your own plot)


What is my timeframe? Which season am I in?

When does it need to be done?

Are there regulations by what time the plot has to be ready to plant?

How much time can I REALISTICALLY spend working on the plot?

Who can work with me when time is an issue through work/family/illness etc?


What kind of gardening style do I want to do?

Where do I get more information? (Courses, facebook group, youtube channels, etc)

What kind of layout do I want? What kind of layout was there before? (Crop rotation)

Does the allotment have any special rules concerning crop rotation?

What is the soil like? Do I need to improve soil? How?

Do I want to make chemical companies rich or do I go the natural way? (BRTC do not allow chemical weedkillers or pesticides)


How are my finances?

What does the plot cost?

Do I need insurance? (BRTC advise you do as you may be liable for any harm coming to anyone from something on your plot)

Tools: What do I have? What can I borrow? Rent? What do I need to buy and where?

Do I have appropriate clothing?

What does compost cost?

Seed and plant costs? Can I exchange plants? Do I want strictly non-GMO/organically grown? (tip: only grow what you will really eat!)

Do I do this for fun or because I need to feed myself/family?

Will I miss the money I spent on this if the crop fails?

Human Resources:

How fit am I to do all the lifting, shovelling, bending over, kneeling?

Do I have support? Childminder? Emergency helper? Enough mouths for the masses of zucchini?


Am I expected to join a club/Allotment Association? (BRTC says no, but we have a Facebook Group and recommend joining an Allotment Association as they often provide insurance in the fee)

Will there be meetings? (BRTC have one tenants meeting a year)

Is it allowed to sleep over/bbq/have a birthday party in the shed? (BBQs yes, the rest, no!)

Is the plot guarded?

How safe is it to get there and be there?

Are there shops/petrol station/pubs nearby? (You might need to get drinks & food on long days)

Do I have internet and/or phone connection for emergencies?

Is there a toilet close by?


Am I still having fun?

Is this negative stress?

Can I still sleep?

Do I spend enough time with family?

(Lola De Milo) 


Many people taking on an Allotment for the first time find it an expensive business initially. After paying their fees they may have to buy tools seed or plants etc in order to get their allotment up and running.

 With the help of the Tenant Representatives on our Allotment site we are setting up a tool bank to help out. Any unwanted gardening tools can be donated to the allotments and will be stored until there is a need for someone to be given a helping hand. Once up and running they may be able to purchase their own equipment and the tool bank will take back the borrowed tools for another to use.

 If you have any spare garden tools please either give them to the Allotment Rep on your site, or contact the Town Council on 01243 867744


 Tool Bank Flyer

Do you have surplus fruit/veg?

Tenants are reminded that they cannot sell excess produce at the Allotment Site. However, excess produce can be donated to charities in the town which help those in need, numbers below. If you have excess plants in Spring, you can organise a plant sale with other tenants but this must not be held on the Allotment Site.


Foodbank - 01243 866952
Grandad's Front Room - 07453 813413
Salvation Army - 01243 870243
Stonepillow - 01243 214561