Bognor Regis Weather

The Weather Station was opened on the 24th May 1897 

Copy of first report published on the 14th March 1898
There is an official Met Office weather station in Bognor Regis. It was started in 1897. It is in Waterloo Square. It has four thermometers in the Stevenson screen: max temperature, in temperature, wet bulb and dry bulb.

Bognor's weather station has two anemometers. One is a hand one kept in the Stevenson screen. The other is a wind-driven one .There is also a grass thermometer which gives you the temperature of the soil. There is a patch of ground where snowfall is recorded. Measurements are taken twice each day. Bognor Regis is sheltered by the south downs and, therefore, the climate is quite mild in comparison to the rest of the country. This area receives many hours of sunshine which provides us with mild winters and remarkable summers.

The Campbell Stokes Sun (below pictures) reader records the amount of sunshine that Bognor Regis receives daily, and Bognor Regis is currently in the top two sunniest UK destinations.

                        Campbell Stokes Sun Recorder   Campbell Stokes Sun Recorder