Constitution and Policies


Local councils, unlike principal authorities are not required by law to adopt a constitution, however they do need to adopt Financial Regulations and to have other governing documents such as Standing Orders, a Member Code of Conduct and a Publication Scheme.

Bognor Regis Town Council have resolved to voluntarily adopt a Constitution which will contain the statutory governance documents which it needs to publish, as well as a number of other parts that represent best practice and will help to make its dealings more transparent to local people and businesses. The purpose of the Constitution is to enable local people to understand how their Town is being governed and how they can become involved in the decision making. This first Constitution was adopted in March 2015, and contains a number of constituent parts previously adopted by Council as set out in the Index.

As you look down the contents page, you will see some gaps. This is because the Council is gradually reviewing and revising its governance and adding policies as they are developed.

The Constitution also doubles as a handbook for Councillors. It is available in hard copy or electronic format.

You will find the documents listed in PDF format below.