Climate Emergency Focus Group

One of the most talked about issues at the moment is Climate Change. Bognor Regis Town Council declared itself a Council of Climate Emergency on 4th November 2019, which led to the formation of the Climate Change Topic Team.  This has since become known as the Climate Emergency Focus Group, who report to the Town Council's Community Engagement and Environment Committee. 

The Climate Emergency Focus Group includes Town and District Councillors, interested stakeholders, and members of the community who are keen to combat the ever-growing threat to our climate and environment.

West Sussex Climate Action

West Sussex County Council's website provides an interactive space for residents and communities to share ideas, discussions, information and map local climate related activity. It also shares learning about the views and experiences of people who use their services and helps WSCC to improve them.

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Community Climate Action Map 
 Environment and Climate Change Consultation and Engagement Hub
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Biodegradability Poster

In 2018 a young member of the public had asked the Community Engagement and Environment Committee to consider an idea he had seen on holiday regarding a poster that was aimed at raising awareness of sea pollution and the consequences to the environment when items entered the sea. The Committee agreed that this was a great way of drawing attention to the issue and commissioned a poster similar to the one the young resident had seen and translated into French, German, Polish and Russian.


Biodegradability Poster 

Top Tips for living sustainably

A local resident has produced a poster setting out twenty ways we can all help the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.  There is also a wealth of  information on here

Top Tips