Town Force Team

Town Force logoIn 2000 the Town Council established a Town Force Team to improve the appearance of the town. This small team of highly-adaptable, multi-skilled individuals help to keep the town bright, well maintained and attractive. They work in partnership with other organisations and personnel, including the local volunteer groups, the District Council’s contractors and businesses who sponsor the Town Council’s planters.

Beautifying the Town and Graffiti Removal

Planting bulbs and bedding plants, landscaping roundabouts & other small areas, installing & maintaining some of the town's hanging baskets, painting Town Council owned street furniture, cutting back foliage and mowing grassed areas all improve the general appearance and raise the image of the town.

Graffiti comes in a wide variety of forms, from spray can scrawl to acid etching. But whatever form it takes, graffiti is an affront - an offensive eyesore that makes areas look neglected, that encourages anti-social behaviour and increases the fear of crime. Indeed, one relatively small piece of graffiti can have a disproportionably detrimental impact on an otherwise well maintained neighbourhood. Because of this, Bognor Regis Town Council is committed to making tackling graffiti a priority issue. This approach echoes our firm belief that it should not be seen as an expected element of the street scene. Through Town Force, the Town Council offers free graffiti removal service to businesses and residents* within the Town Council's area (excluding Arun District Council's property).

Town Force is contracted by West Sussex County Council to remove offensive graffiti and flyposting from West Sussex County Council assets – such as subways, street lights, roads and pavements. The agreement covers the administrative area of Bognor Regis Town Council and neighbouring parishes, covering the West side of the Arun District with it’s eastern boundary up to but not including the parishes of Climping, Ford and Arundel.

Town Force also work in partnership with Arun District Council, often dealing with difficult/complex graffiti removal at their instruction.  

All graffiti needs to be reported to Sussex Police first.  This can be done by calling 101 or online here .You will be issued with a reference number which needs to be supplied to us before graffiti removal can be arranged.

To remove graffiti from domestic and commercial assets within the Town Council area, please email or call 01243 825535, quoting the Police Reference Number issued to you.  

To report graffiti on Arun District Council assets (such as car parks, play areas, parks & greenspaces) please visit their website  as we are unable to clear graffiti without their express instruction and payment.

Please note there may be a delay in removing graffiti if the property owner is difficult to reach. We must have their permission before proceeding with removal.

* Excluding Arun District Council assets

Essential Help with Events and Commercial Work

The events programme brings visitors and business to the town and makes life more enjoyable for most residents. Town Force offer help to all events organisers, using their equipment, skills, local knowledge and contacts where others could not do so.

Town Force offer their services to businesses and residents - such as grass cutting, strimming, hedge cutting, planting & plant maintenance, weed spraying, painting and general maintenance at a cost. Should you wish to obtain a quote from Town Force, please email


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For more information or to leave a message for the Town Force team please contact the Street Scene and Leisure Services Department on 01243 825535.