WW1 Centenary Beacon Lighting

Seafront Beacon

11 Nov 18 - 17:00 to 19:30

Lighting of the Beacon

A Nations Tribute is a nationwide Day of Commemorative Events marking the Centenary of the end of the First World War and paying tribute to the millions killed or wounded in battle, and those on the home front who struggled amidst pain and loss to help ensure freedom survived.

As part of the Battles Over a Nations Tribute to mark the WW1 Centenary, hundreds of beacons around the country will be lit at 19.00 on Sunday 11th November.

The town beacon, which is on the Promenade opposite the Place St Maur will be lit at 19:00, the event will run from 18:45 – 19:15 and will follow the national guidelines as below:

18.45 ‘Battles O’er’ - piper 

18.55 ‘The Last Post’ - bugler

19.00 WW1 Beacons of Light - Lighting of the beacon19.05 Ringing Out for Peace – Churches will ring their bells 1

9.05 A Cry for Peace around the World – Town Crier


 Battles Over