Pagham Pram Race


26 Dec 24 - 11:00

Boxing Day Race Day fun for all ages

The Race starts at 11am on Boxing Day every year whatever the weather, without fail from Mill farm on Pagham Road at Pagham. Contestants can either sign on online before the day or on the day. A entrance fee or donation of at least £10 is required. Contestants can elect to carry a collection bucket on behalf of the Pagham Pram Race, NO OTHER COLLECTIONS are allowed for any other group or cause.

The race has several different categories.

  • Main Race – Pram Chassis (Rules Apply)
  • Fancy Dress
  • Novelty Non Pram Chassis
  • Pub Challenge
  • Disabled (Pram Chassis)
  • Disabled (Non Pram Chassis)
  • Ladies Pram Chassis
Click on the following link for more information about the race

About The Race – Pagham Pram Race