Electors’ Meeting Call for a Parish Poll

Published: 14 March 2016

Following the Annual Electors Meeting held at the Regis School on Monday 14th March at which electors of the Parish voted to hold a referendum on three different questions, Bognor Regis Town Council would like to clarify the current position. The Council has had no opportunity to consider the questions put forward and accordingly would like to confirm that their current position is thus:-

The Council does not support the Sir Richard Hotham Project, and have already formally objected to it, through the planning process, as a statutory consultee, as it is does not follow the guidelines laid down in the Bognor Regis Neighbourhood Plan.

Neither does the Council support the other two matters to be voted upon, namely the abolition of the Parishes and the dissolution of Arun, with West Sussex becoming a unitary authority. The Councils’ position has not changed from when this was proposed for consideration on a previous occasion.

The Council would like to make it very clear that it was a resident who called for the Parish Poll, and residents who voted for it – albeit that the proposer is also a Town Councillor.

The Poll is not being called for by the Council; however it is the Council and ultimately the Electorate who will have to bear the cost of holding it. Once the Poll has been called then a formal process has to be followed, as laid down in the Local Government Act 1972 Schedule 12.

Town Mayor, Cllr Mrs Jeanette Warr, said: “The Council would like to state that they wish to continue to work amicably with the surrounding parishes and the district authority, for the best outcomes of the residents, and do not at this time support any reorganisation of local government.”

For more information please contact Sue Holmes on 01243 825535 or email sueholmes@bognorregis.gov.uk