Traffic Regulation Order

Published: 25 March 2020

West Sussex County Council proposes to make a permanent Traffic Regulation Order that will amend the Arun District parking order to set new charges for 6-month parking permits, to allow electronic parking permits to be sold at a future date and to introduce a discount for residents’ permits sold for use in low emission vehicles.

The Order also consolidates the existing schedules of parking charges in the Arun District parking order for housekeeping purposes. This part of the Order makes no changes to any parking charges in Arun District.

Below is a link to the TRO Team’s consultation web page, the public notice, statement of reasons for proposing the Order, and the draft Order itself. I should be grateful if you could accept this message as the formal consultation on the proposed new Order. Please give your comments on the link provided before 9 April 2020.

Click here for link to WSCC consultation