Gold Award

Published: 30 May 2019

Day Out With the Kids have awarded Bognor Regis a Gold award in their Best Seaside Towns in the UK Awards! 

The best seaside towns and resorts in the UK, 2019

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside! We all remember having a paddle and building sandcastles as a child - we’re getting all nostalgic at the thought! But what makes the best seaside? We’ve “beach-combed” the UK for answers - and here they are!

We asked over 2,000 families to tell us their favourite seaside towns and what they love most about the coast, both as and adult and from what they remember as a kid! We then gathered data to scientifically decide the best seaside towns in the UK, in 2019.

What makes the perfect seaside town for families?

To “fish” out the best “plaices” to go, we asked families about everything from sea and sunshine to ice cream and crabbing.

Then we counted the following in each town:
- Family attractions
- Beaches (Blue Flag and otherwise) in a 10 mile radius
- Fish and chip shops
- Instagram hashtags and checkins
- The cost of an ice cream
- The average temperature and rainy days in August

We took the factors that mattered to families most and boosted their rating, giving each town an overall score (thus creating a unique and clever “algorithm”!)

Out of 378 locations, this gave us the 50 best seaside towns in the whole of the UK, ranked in Gold, Silver and Bronze!

To find out more see their website here 

 Family on the beach