WSCC traffic calming

Published: 26 November 2018

West Sussex County Council proposes to install raised traffic calming features on Frith Road in Bognor Regis.

A speed table feature would be installed at the crossroads junction of junction of Frith Road, Gravits Lane, Westloats Lane and the access road to The Regis School. This feature would begin 12 metres south of the southern kerbline of Gravits Lane and extend northwards to a point 10 metres north of the northern kerbline of Gravits Lane. It would also extend 9 metres westwards into the entrance to The Regis School and 7 metres eastwards into Gravits Lane. The feature would be 65mm in height and all ramps would be 1 metre in length.

Pairs of raised speed cushion features would be installed on Frith Road 34 metres north of its junction with Pevensey Road, with a further pair of raised speed cushion features 104 metres north of the junction, and a third pair 171 metres north of the junction. Each speed cushion will be 3 metres long, including ramps of 600mm and 1.7 metres wide.

All features will be constructed from black macadam.


 HERE is a link to the consultation web page, containing plans showing the new features, the public notice and a statement of reasons for proposing the scheme.