West Sussex Rocks

Published: 22 January 2018

Coastal West Sussex Mind are launching a campaign to get people talking about stigma and mental health on Time to Talk Day, Thursday 1st February.

Please help us by getting involved with any or all of these activities. We'd like you to also share this email as far and wide as you can to colleagues, friends and family.

The idea is simple and based on a popular pastime; painting pebbles. You might choose to also hide them for people to find. For our campaign we want you to add our community anti- stigma and awareness message to the pebbles and share an image and message on social media.

Being influencers and supporters

Paint a pebble/pebbles and on the back put #timetotalk and

#westsussexrocks. We will be circulating # stickers if you would like any for the reverse of the pebbles

Take a photo of your painted pebble and post with a comment on social media, tagging #westsussexrocks and #timetotalk

Show your support of our campaign by liking, sharing and commenting on our Facebook page. You can do this even if you don’t post your own pebble picture. The key messages are:

It is time to talk about mental health to help end stigma

People feel less alone when we break the stony silence of stigma

Many pebbles make a shoreline, many people make a movement

Share our campaign messaging with some of the images weve created- you can download them here. Or, simply share, or repost from our pages to your network

Not everyone has social media accounts, but that’s no problem - either ask a friend who does, or take a photo and we can post your picture / message for you

For those who are getting involved by hiding pebbles, let people know which area you are hiding them in. Always hide them in a safe place for example on the beach, beach area, park or, with permission, in a shop.

Host a pebble party

Just as a conversation about mental health and stigma can happen anywhere, pebble painting parties are for anyone and everywhere – Beavers, Scouts Girl Guides, at work, residential homes, community centres, at home with friends and family, schools, pubs and clubs.

Information on hosting a pebble party can be found on our Time to Change West Sussex web page here.

We hope by the time we get to Mental Health Awareness Week (May 14 – 20) our new Time to Change West Sussex Facebook page here will have generated lots of conversations and information sharing with people all across West Sussex.

We have over 840,000 people in West Sussex so let’s raise awareness, break the stony

silence of mental health stigma and have some fun too.

Other resources

If you are a registered Champion with Time to Change and are planning a social contact event, you can order a free T-shirt here.

The new social contact on-line training portal has just been launched you can access this


All registered Champions who have completed the social contact training can apply to the Champions fund for a social contact event in West Sussex. We have just over £9,000 to spend on activities. Help us get activities happening in West Sussex with up to £500 peractivity available. Help is available to talk through your application here.

If you would like any more information, please email us on ttcwestsussex@coastalwestsussexmind.org or call us on 01903 277 000. We hope you can join us!

Best wishes,

The Time to Change Team, Coastal West Sussex Mind