Public Consultation on Post-16 Transport Charges

Published: 09 September 2017


West Sussex County Council is consulting on proposals to increase the transport charges made to Post-16 students.

The majority of West Sussex students will not see any changes to their travel arrangements.

The proposed increase will affect 325 students where the County Council arranges their transport for example by coach, rail, minibus or taxi. These students currently pay £427 per year towards the cost of their transport.

The proposal is to raise this to £600 per year to bring the cost in line with the cost of contract coach places and the price of an equivalent journey on public transport. It also brings the cost in line with the amount students in most other counties pay.

Students with special educational needs and disabilities who do not pay transport charges because of low family income will not be affected by the proposed changes.

We would appreciate your help in promoting the consultation wherever appropriate. Further information and the online questionnaire is available at:

Any additional comments or suggestions can be emailed to

The closing date for comments is Thursday, 19 October 2017.