Grant Aid Discretionary Fund (GADF)


For 2018 the Town Council have introduced the all new 'Grant Aid Discretionary Fund (GADF)'.  Observing the same principles as the main Grant Aid scheme, however, the maximum amount that can be applied for from the GADF is £5,000.

Applications will be considered and determined by the Community Engagement and Environment Committee and it will be at the discretion of the Committee as to whether the whole sum is given to one applicant or smaller amounts awarded to numerous applicants.

Unlike the main Grant Aid scheme, there is no deadline to apply for the GADF and applications will be dealt with on an ad hoc basis (Note: the GADF budget of £5,000 is for the year ending 31st March 2018. 

Applications for the GADF are invited for which the form below must be completed and submitted to the Town Clerk at Bognor Regis Town Hall.  All applicants should read the Criteria/Checklist below in ensuring that their application is eligible and that all supporting evidence/documentation is available. 

GADF 2017-2018 Application Form 

GADF 2017-2018 Criteria/Checklist